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Hello and thank you for stopping by Happy Ella After!

I’m Kate Korber, and am lucky enough to be the wife of my gorgeous husband Daniel, and the Mother of our two gorgeous munchkins, Ella and Hudson. Almost four years ago, we became proud parents, and began this crazy ride that makes us laugh, cry and thankful to be alive. Im also extremely lucky to love my job and be involved in what I believe is the most influential occupation – a teacher. As a Deputy Principal in a Primary School in Melbourne, Australia, I work with children, parents and teachers to develop an inspiring and engaging learning community. 

When we had Ella and I was on maternity leave, I began our blog 'Happy Ella After', after a colleague of mine suggested that I use my passion for technology to document the journey of Motherhood. It has grown to be a wonderful part of my life. Each week, I share milestones, challenges, happy memories and crazy tidbits from our lives. I also share practical and inspiring product finds and local businesses that help bring a smile to the face of children and / or their parents. 

Through this blog I get to share the journey of our family. The milestones, the mayhem and the magic!

When our son Hudson was born, five weeks early, we were in the midst of renovating our home, and were thrown into chaos. Needless to say, I got the 'bug' and became obsessed with all things interiors. My love of technology and children were blended together to create our NAME IT print range. Artworks that are bespoke and custom made using your beloved's name, or any words you like. Starting with only one design, our base range has now grown to over 100. We also offer custom orders if people cannot find what they are after. 

These prints are the perfect gift for the child who has everything. They are unique, beautifully personalised and an artwork to treasure as they grow. They can be used to celebrate everything....newborns, birthdays, anniversaries and farewells. The possibilities are endless!

I hope that I can make something special for your little family someday, and share a little piece of my heart in your home. 


Much love...

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